Where we are now

I haven’t written in a while. Life has been a blur, a happy one albeit, but chaotic for sure.

The first thing I should tell you is that we are no longer living in the Havoc Army Trailer, she is parked in storage ready for an adventure. As we realized we were not leaving Las Vegas, and set into our day to day life the trailer no longer felt like a vessel of freedom— rather it became quite the opposite. We very begrudgingly started to refer to her as “the box” (ei. I need to get out of this box! Want to get coffee?)

While on the road the Havoc Army was a fantastic set up. The world was our playground and we never felt cramped or limited. But as we began to settle, the 27’ trailer, became less and less practical. I tried my best to keep a positive attitude — it had been my idea in the first place. I had decorated it and put a lot of love an care into making that our home. But it was just too much.

The kids are also now in public school once more. It was a lot of fun, most of the time, to get to have such a hands on influence on their education. However I found my self quite overwhelmed.  Handling the household, working, training, and teaching the kids… which I felt I may be starting to fail Elsa as her progression with me had started to plateau. I didn’t have the energy to have uber fun interactive lessons, and her frustration was mounting and she was shutting down quicker and quicker. I knew it couldn’t last.  I am going to miss teaching Kjellsen the most. He struggles in a public school environment. He has a beautiful and strong imagination that gets inspired regularly and takes him on adventures.  Unfortunately, his teachers cannot appreciate this since they are trying to manage so many students with strict time restraints. He is a very bright boy, his problem solving is unique and efficient, he picks up on concepts quickly, but he thrives in a less linear learning program.  I am not sure how I want to deal with this. At this point I cannot afford to put him into an alternate school, and I am not able to continue homeschooling him. And so continues that constant parental struggle of, “Am I doing what is best for my child or am I fucking them up irrevocably.”

We are struggling financially. It was not a great year for fishing, my photography and personal training has been disrupted by our move and I do not have the contacts to instantly be successful.  However I am going to be teaching a Bootybuilding class at Syndicate MMA starting February 15th (2pm, M, W, F).  I have been working with www.MaverickUnbranded.com a new and promising Las Vegas born casual apparel company — we just ordered the new designs for the spring collection which I am very excited about. Clayton has been picking up work at the gym as it is available. We are getting by and we know that with all the work we are putting in life will be comfortable and successful once more.

Life is good. There are always struggles, stresses and setbacks; but we have a solid family that supports and loves each other, and when that base is there anything is possible.


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