An evolving tribe.

The Havoc Army is BACK and we have expanded. Viola and her hoard have joined us in our never ending quest for awe, adventure and growth!

The end of this week has been full of snotty faces and stomach bugs for both Viola and I.

Our BBQ plans looked like they weren’t going to happen. This morning my kids were still sniffly but had FINALLY finished puking. So I message Viola, “How is the situation over there? Are we Venturing!?”

She quickly responded something like ‘we aren’t 100% but can be ready in 45minutes!’
With a vat of healing concoctions, tissues, coffee 6 kids, 1 dog, Viola and I, we hit the road!

A BBQ, make believe, off-roading, wild horses, a new doggo friend, smiles, laughter, awe and the occasional meltdown… It was a fantastic day! Though we are now wrecked and run down.  Absolutely worth it.



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