Dry Lakes

Viola excitedly spoke of hypotheticals over Marco Polo today; I was instructed to have the kids ready with light jackets incase it rained, she was to pick us all up after school and were were to go on a surprise adventure!

And with Mariachi music blasting we drove South and back into the desert…

The jig was up when at the turn off we saw the sign for the 7 magic mountains, a public art installation that looks a lot like stacks of giant chewed bubble gum which is supposed to represent human presence in the desert — which is to be taken down late spring.  The structure was so much more striking between the giant rock pillars. The abrasive neon colors clashing and standing out against the earthy desert, it felt very Vegas.

More exciting though was that we found yet another dry lake… and have begun to think we should probably find as many dry lakes as we can. The sand walls created by the wind, the cracked earth, running through that vast open space…the only sounds are that of our laughter and the wind blowing over our ears.  It is a magical setting and so unique to a girl who grew up in the wet pacific north west.

Where to next?


We will be changing the name of the blog soon… “The Havoc Army” just doesn’t seem to fit us any longer… I am open to suggestions. ^_^


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