Dry Lakes

V excitedly spoke of hypotheticals today until finally I was instructed to have the kids ready with light jackets, she was to pick us up and we were to go on an adventure!  So with Mariachi blasting on the radio, we drove South and back into the desert.

At the turn off we saw the sign for the 7 magic mountains, a public art installation that looks a lot like stacks of giant chewed bubble gum.  We stood under these monstrous boulders, their neon colors clashing and standing out against the earthy desert mountains, it felt very Vegas.

We found yet another dry lake! I have begun to think we should probably find as many dry lakes as we can. Sand walls lifted by the deafening wind, running on the cracked earth.

Where to next?


We will be changing the name of the blog soon… “The Havoc Army” just doesn’t seem to fit us any longer… I am open to suggestions. ^_^


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