You know the times in your life where everything seems to be aligning? It could be as simple as a day where you get only green lights on you’re way to work, or the day they play all you’re favorite songs on the radio… all in a row; or the day you find an extra 10$ doing the laundry; or as simple as turning down the wrong street and getting a great view of the sunset or the sunrise! Sometimes these things are the things that give you anxiety keep you up all night long… overthinking,  scaring yourself with all the “what if”– the things you’re terrified but you do them anyway; the move you think could go terribly wrong; or the house you searching for over and over again…open house after open house! And then you happen to walk in the right one, and you just know its right for no reason at all! You sign the lease you pack up and move different zip code etc… even if it doesn’t feel right at first but becomes the best decision you ever made… you know what I’m talking about??? if you never jump, never make the decision and always stay safe…. the very thing you could be searching for will have no way to find you…. I mean you can find magic in everything you do if you just look but I’m talking life changing magic… well you see this is how I met Jessica.. I didn’t really want to move I had a lot of reservations I was what ifing!!! so much I couldn’t sleep nothing seemed right and then it just did the moment I jumped in head first… everything from the street we moved on to the road we live on to the school my daughter would be attending down to her very bus stop that I thought at first would pose an issue.. everything I thought to be wrong turned out to be sooo right… I think about it a lot what if we didn’t move what if… a different house a different street and so on what if I was to scared and missed out on all this amazing… well not only did we fall in love with this house this neighborhood but we met the best family. My daughter attended a new school and had her own reservations and fears and I talked her through them all… fears of a new bus, new kids etc.. we all have fears of the unknown… first day of school she had met what would be her bestest friend from day one they sat together on the bus… and lets just say that led to all the firsts for a new friendship sleep overs etc.. which led to more firsts for me… (I’m not good at meeting new people purposely hahah I’m extremely outgoing but not planned too much anxiety I guess) anyways with sleep overs you must meet parents etc its a  very big must so.. with her beautiful friendship in walked mine…. and so it began the very next day we met for coffee and I was nervous but we talked like crazy and haven’t stopped yet!!! coffee led to coffee every Sunday then that turned into so many beautiful adventures and a friendship unlike any other I feel like I found a sister I never had(someone to trade clothes with) … a friend.. another mind I can filter through for advice someone I can ramble to about philosophy (until the wee hours of the morning)about nonsense about anything … a like mind another part of myself.. like we live a life parallel to one another so many things its crazy… almost like we were split at birth and just found each other. nothing but pure friendship magic. I feel like this couldn’t prove to me more that everything happens for a reason and at first you may not know that may go through all the what ifs all the fears all of it and then one day you will look back and it’ll all make sense. If its not what you want make different choices..if you always go right.. go left if you always take the same route try another one… if you’re not getting the right answers ask better questions.. I promise you will find magic you just have to look. ❤ 17619741_10154384971141517_1359776356_n


And that is just the beginning of our never ending story…


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